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Sister dating a non jewish christian

So i grew up modern orthodox, went to jewish school and all that. So did my sister. But recently, she’s completely changed.

She’s always been quite rebellious, questioned many things but remained observant. There’s no question in the faith she has. She is devoted in terms of believing in Hashem. She prays, keeps shabbos etc but recently she’s been keeping less and less mitsvos.

She met a guy at university and she fell in love. Now she’s in a relationship and hangs out with this guy regularly, she stopped being shomer negiah, she’s not home for shabbos etc. Me and her are extremely close and we share everything. Sometimes she complains about the guy, she tells me stuff that he talks to girls and that he parties with girls and that apparently to him it’s completely normal because in a trusting relationship the partner should have faith. I’m so confused and worried. He’s apparently christian but doesn’t observe the religion fully. She talks about marrying him etc. Should i let her be? Should i explain that love isn’t enough, and that it’s a distraction she has from judaism? She’s acting upon the feeling of being in love, and i understand being in love can be very blinding. My parents always taught me love isn’t enough and relationships are more in judaism. I’m scared he’s pulling her away from judaism.

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