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Sins and Gnhinnom

Hello everybody, this is a post about the Jewish religion.

So, before I became observant I was a liar. Like a pathological liar. Most of my lies would be things to make my life sound more interesting, and others would be saying I had eggs for breakfast when really I had pancakes. This phase was from the ages of 7-12yrs. In that period of time, I had three specific very bad and harmful periods of lies. One of these was making my parents seem like horrible, horrible people (i think it was for attention and sympathy but I don’t remember that well because I was 11-12), and the other was faking a medical problem (this was at the age of ten- it lasted for about 6 months. It cost my parents’ distress and time). The third one was during my restrictive eating disorder where I would lie about what I ate and cause my parents grief.

After the age of twelve, although the guilt resulted in a significant decrease in my lying I still lied a bit (though not enough to be considered pathological) until age 14 when I became observant. These lies would be exclusively to *embellish* situations and make them seem more interesting. So what I’m trying to say is that I’ve lied countless times to countless people. Lies are a person on person sin and therefore I would need that person’s forgiveness. I don’t even know most of the people I’ve lied to.

Does this mean that, like, im doomed to Gehinnom even if I live a sinless life from now on?

TLDR; I lied countless times to countless people, most of whom I don’t know anymore, before becoming observant. I therefore cannot apologize for all my lies because I don’t remember most of em and I don’t know the people to whom I told my lies. Am I doomed to Gehinnom no matter what since person-on-person sins require personal forgiveness?

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