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Sincerely want to know if there is a way back

I have not found a mechanism in Judaism or Tanakh that can catapult or spring my spiritual development into the next level like [the concept of] the Holy Spirit in the NT did for me. (actually, I got ‘It’ via ACIM / A Course in Miracles) I know there are some passages in Tanakh (mostly in Psalms) that talk about “casting your burdens on Hashem and He will provide”; “Hashem is my shepherd, I shall not lack”, etc., but I haven’t found a trigger or spring (mechanism) in Tanakj that can get me to this place. All I have found in Tanakh is: do the mitsvot because this is how you show love to Hashem. This is beautiful, as far as it goes– i.e. it activates a personal relationship with Hashem through doing a mitzvah; however, it goes no further for me. It doesn’t create ‘big’ character / mood changes in me. But once I followed (was guided by) the Holy Spirit (ala the NT and ACIM), I changed in a ‘big’ way. (eg. peace, love, forgiveness) It’s too bad that I had to go outside of Judaism to find that, so I wonder what did the Psalmist know, do, or was involved in that precipitated those statements (see examples of verses above) that seem like things one can do with ‘Holy Ghost[-NT-]power’ (to quote Duvall in ‘The Apostle’) but were not something I could do when under ‘the Law’? Thank you.

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