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Shuls in Massachusetts?

Hey all, I’m looking into moving to MA in the (distant) future. I’m looking into different shuls, and I’ve mostly been looking around Boston (since that’s where I’m mostly likely to have good kosher options). Problem is, I’m struggling to find places where I think I’d actually be comfortable. First, I’m currently converting to Judaism at an unaffiliated synagogue (based on what my conversion will look like, it lines up best with a Conservative conversion). That limits me to Conservative or Reform shuls if I actually want to participate as a Jew, and I do. Second, I’m transgender, which creates similar limits. Third, I’m looking for a shul that ideally is more observant, so probably not Reform. I don’t want to go to a shul where people regularly play music on Shabbat, for example.

I’ve found a number of Conservative shuls in the Boston area, but looking at their websites, many of them are just too lenient on halacha for me. I intend to be shomer kashrut and shomer shabbos as soon as I possibly can be, and none of the shuls I’ve looked into seem to be on that level of observance. Does anyone have recommendations on shuls to look into that might be more to my liking?

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