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Shuls in Dallas/High Holiday question?

(Conservative). Moving to Dallas next week. Have spoken with a shul or two in North Dallas. Can barely afford the move let alone High Holiday tickets or a new membership right now. I have two questions: anyone have recommendations or insights on the local Conservative congregations? Or on the independent minyan I’ve heard about, I forget its name? And two, how should I approach the money issue right now. I mean, do I even ask for discounted RH/YK tickets? Or just sit at home this year…? As a gay convert, Chabad is not really an option. I’ll get on my feet and be in good standing eventually… whatever that means in my lower middle class tax bracket. But I plain can’t afford synagogue life right now. My current shul is really cool about discounted, cheap membership, and I participate and support so much on other ways that I don’t feel so bad. Like leyning and minyan and helping with classes and committees etc. But I know not everywhere is going to be the same.

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