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Shul-appropriate shoes?

I haven’t been religious since I was 10 (I’m 28 now) , so I pretty much never dress up for Shabbat anymore, but my mom is, and she does often go to shul. Sometimes, when I visit her, she insists I come to shul with her so I go to make her happy. I do have a long brown skirt (it’s actually from Anthropologie, it’s a gorgeous faux suede skirt with a matching belt I love it) and I pretty much always wear that with a long sleeve turtleneck, and that’s perfectly fine, but when it’s a bit warm out, boots just don’t work, and I’m not sure what shoes actually look appropriate. Only other shoes I have are open-toe sandals and my white tennis shoes, and I’ve just been struggling to figure out what shoes actually look nice with the skirt that are appropriate for shul. I also forget if I’m allowed to wear heels or not. Thanks!

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