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shuk prices on hamsa necklace

shuk prices on hamsa necklace

Ordinarily, I put this in the r/jewelry forum, but given that I’d like to avoid any hate comments about Judaism and Israel, I thought I’d pop it here first.

my blue opal Hamsa necklace’s chain broke the other day and I’m looking to replace it. there is a place I can buy a replacement from on Etsy, but I’d much rather get a necklace from Israel (i know these definitely are not made in Israel, but I’d rather support Israelis than some random American woman)

People who have recently been to Machane Yehudah (or other street markets in israel), how much do these necklaces usually sell for? I’m looking to get a 16” light blue hamsa with a silver chain (and if they’re pretty cheap, a magen david opal necklace as well). TYIA!!

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