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Should we strive to understand the meaning behind all of the Torah laws? (Hok/Hukkim vs Mishpatim)

I think Torah law is binding on all Jews, but I also think that dividing the law into Hok/Hukkim (laws that we don’t know the reason for) and Mishpatim (laws we do know the reason for) is incorrect, and that we are to use our God-given reasoning abilities and the latest available scholarship to try and find the reason and principles behind the law.

I’ve read in the past that the great Rabbis don’t agree with this, because a new generation might arise and find our reasoning out of date or culturally out of date and drop the law because of it, but I don’t think that is a good excuse: Jews are already dropping the law anyways and have been for a very long time.

To me, the “Why” behind the laws is more important than the “how.” So I keep the laws in practice, but that would be of no significance if I didn’t know or try to find out the meaning behind the law. How are the nations going to look upon us and see how wise we are if we are just following laws that we don’t understand?

And when I say law, I’m talking about Torah law. I don’t consider Rabbinic law binding. (Yes, I was raised Reform haha)

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