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Should Jews go along with the crimes of the foreign governments they are in?

I ask this because I am being exposed (‘red-pilled’) to the massive crimes of the government (USA), and I feel like I should do something to fight them (the massive crimes).

However, when I look into Tanakh, I see very little concern about Jews fighting the powers that be in lands outside Israel. For instance, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah and Mordechai probably went along to go along along in Babylon and Persia.

So I don’t know (I’m conflicted)/paralyzed) if I should see myself as a guest in ‘Galus’ (Exile) and so act accordingly (go along to get along), or see myself as a guest (personally, I will always see myself as in Exile, per Deut 27-30) and fight the Government’s crimes.

On the face of it, the list of punishments (from God?) delineated in those Deuteronomy chapters (27-30) seems to be something we just have to suffer (and pray to God and repent) and hope God brings us back to Israel where we can give hell to the Jewish leaders again, like the Prophets did. (of course, another question is that is Israel today still considered Galut?)

I don’t know how the Talmudic sages (and later codifiers) saw this situation, but I would appreciate if you could enlighten me on this also.

PS. I know the Prophets IN Israel sometimes railed against the neighboring nations for their idolatry; and I know about the exception Jonah (but he was reluctant/conflicted)

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