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Should I write "He" with capital letter on an academic paper?

Guys, this is a silly question, I know. I usually don’t write the words G-d or he, when I do I usually say hashem or something, I don’t use the capital letter. But I am currently writing an academic paper for my Oriental Studies at University and I kind have to be professional and have absolutely no idea if it’s better to talk about G-d as He with capital letter. I am writing God with all the letters already. I don’t know writing He with capital letter seems such a christian thing for me to do. Lol. I don’t know what to do and don’t wanna offend anyone.

PS: the magazine is for the whole oriental (russian, arab, korean, japanese, hebrew studies) literature/language studies department at Uni so it’s not only for Jews because the Jewish Studies department is inside this other department. lol I am so clueless. sorry y’all for the silly question.

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