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Should I Tell My Chareidi Landlord After Moving Out That I Cooked with “nonkosher” food in their kitchen?

I consider my diet to be kosher. Although I am not meticulous about foods having kosher symbols, I won’t buy anything without a symbol unless all ingredients are vegan. I was recently made aware that many people consider this practice to be completely nonkosher.

I recently moved out of an apartment that I rented from a yeshivish family. The family that I rent from trusted me, they wanted someone who keeps kosher. Although I didn’t sign a kosher agreement, I don’t know if, according to halacha, I will be causing them/the next tenant to be eating from a “nonkosher kitchen.” Whether or not I believe this, I would like to respect others who do, and I don’t want this on my conscience.

If you were my landlord, would you want to be told?

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