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Should I say something to my boss?

I’m a teacher and Monday is our first day back at school so sometimes they allow for people to work in their classrooms over the weekend. Two weeks ago they allowed us to come in on Sunday but this week we’re only allowed to come in Saturday.

I asked my principal if I was allowed to come in on Sunday this weekend (Admin has to be in the building while it’s open) and she said she didn’t want to come in to open it up.

She then questioned why I wasn’t allowed to work on Shabbat and said “well if you use your phone why couldn’t you work”. To which I responded I will be spending it with my family and she replied “well they can come in to help too” The comment rubbed me the wrong way and I don’t think she meant it offensively but I left the office feeling kinda weird about it.

I’ve never had this happen before so don’t really know how to approach the situation moving forward. I’m the only Jewish person that works at the school also.

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