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Should I hide myself around anti-Semitic family members?

Thanksgiving is coming up, and my step mom’s side of the family is heavily Christian and anti-Semitic. They’re the type that believes Jews did 9/11 and that the Jews in Hollywood control the world and are brainwashing the masses, and that Kabbalah is demonic. I am a Jew, and I hide it from my family. Would it be disrespectful to keep my eyes open during prayer? Given that they are praying to Jesus before the meal, if I did participate it would be useless as I don’t worship or pray to Jesus. Also, my red string bracelet is on and it has to stay on until it falls off, however they know about Kabbalah and think it’s evil and would ridicule me about how I need to take it off and that I’m being taken over by evil. I have a lot of anxiety about going over for thanksgiving due to this. I don’t know what to do about my bracelet, or during prayer, or rejecting anything that isn’t kosher. Does anyone else have problems like this that they have solved? Thank you 💕💕

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