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Should I get my girlfriend a gift for Hanukkah?

I was raised non-religiously, and to be honest, I don’t know much about Judaism, or most other religions to be honest. I’m sorry if my questions come across as stupid. My girlfriend and I are both U.S. highschoolers, if age group and area are relevant. I like her a lot and she’s very important to me, and I just generally like giving her gifts because she’s the best. This is our first December together and we’ve been dating for around 8 months. She’s Jewish, and I’m not very sure if getting her something for Hanukkah would be a typical thing to do. Would getting her a gift be respectful and appropriate for the holiday? I do have a gift idea in mind, of course. Should I get her multiple small gifts, or would one larger one suffice? (Again, I’m very sorry if I come across as idiotic, I care a lot about my girlfriend and don’t want to screw anything up). I know this is a bit late, and I’m sorry about that. I appreciate all feedback.

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