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Should I convert? [tzniut question]

I browse this sub daily for years and I really think of converting to Judaism in a distant future. (I am not able to in my country) but I can’t wrap my head about the tzniut concept in Judaism specifically about negiah and kol isha. In my country people are very warm (i live in Latin America) and it’s common to greet people with a hug if they are a man and a kiss in the cheek if they are a woman. The concept of shomer negiah would definitely make the latter prohibited and I think it will make socialization much more difficult and people will think that I’m a weirdo, also by not being able to handshake a woman. And I also have very much a problem with the prohibition of hearing a woman’s singing voice, I absolutely love music and even though most artists I like aren’t women I think it’s a draconian law and would greatly inhibt my enjoyment of specifically types of music. And since my country has a very hot climate it’s common for me to walk around in flip flops and shorts, by tzniut it would be prohibited, no? And also I wouldn’t be able to talk with my mother or sister in private?

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