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Should I continue collecting Talmud books?

So at some point I was trying to become more religious and I bought some Torah books. At the time I also started the Daf-a-Week and started buying the first two volumes of Yevamot. I kind of stopped daily study earlier this year. I was thinking of continuing to buy more Talmud volumes since the cycle seems to go through a tractate every 2 or so years (2020-2022 was Yevamot and now we are in a cycle of Ketubot until November 2024). But I have no immediate intention of studying Talmud Bavli at the moment.

After a dormant, dry spell for a few seasons, I am slowly trying to go back to my Jewish religious reading, mainly on Shabbat.

I am working on reading my other Torah books first, but I also need to be mindful that I have limited space. Most of my reading is on my Kindle and Kobo. It just feels weird to only have 2/3 of Yevamot on my bookshelf.

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