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Should I contact my Jewish former classmate?

I immigrated to Germany some years ago and in highschool I had a Jewish classmate who was the first (openly) Jewish person I’d ever met.

We didn’t talk much but once he did tell me about how he suffered antisemitic attacks at our school; he also told me he doesn’t really practice Judaism and doesn’t believe in God.

I’m aware of the rise of antisemitism on the internet and on the national and global level and for months I’ve been worried about how he’s been feeling and if he’s been left in peace. I’ve been debating whether to contact him and send him a quick message asking if he’s alright, but on the other hand I’m worried that it’ll make him uncomfortable that someone who he hasn’t seen in 4 years asks him such a personal question, and he might’ve decided not to involve himself in such “conversations” for his own mental health.

What’s the best way to approach him, if at all? The last thing I want is to make him uncomfortable or upset.

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