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Should I bring my menorah to my goyim grandparents’ house?

I’m going to visit my grandparents this weekend and they are not jewish. (My dad is not jewish either, but my mom is!) My fam has not been super religious for most of my life but my mother was raised jewish and her family is jewish so I’ve been exploring my heritage for the past couple years. I’m a member of my college’s Hillel chapter (and new PR chair!), I’m in a jewish learning fellowship for the spring semester, and I’ve started learning Hebrew on duolingo. I plan on raising my future kids jewish. Basically, I’m very invested and this is my second year in a row doing Hanukkah and I really don’t want to miss two nights… I don’t want to make them uncomfortable and I plan on asking my granny ahead of time if it’s cool with her but I wonder if it’s better to just not. But at the same time, this might be a good ease in point, since their future great-grandkids are going to be jewish! Just to be clear, bringing it won’t cause a huge blowout, but it might end in offcolor comments and weird WASPy passive aggressiveness. Also we are not going for Christmas-related celebrations, it’s just the easiest time to visit.

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