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Shomer shabbat in less religious household

Sorry on advance my English isn’t my first language

Hello, I’m a teenage jew in a Jewish but somewhat secular household. We keep kosher and my family tries to keep shabbat more or less, but not fully. They check their phones for example and cook, but don’t watch tv or use their phones excessively. I don’t, but they ridicule me for keeping shabbos.

If I don’t want to carry something for them they laugh at me and if they see me putting on tefillin they do it too.

I keep a small lamp on in my room on shabbat, to not have to turn the switches. One shabbat, when I came home from shul, someone had turn it off. It was in the corner too, there was no reason for anyone to even be there. When I asked, they said that I shouldn’t care, and be less religious.

My family makes me feel like I have no room to grow religiously. It’s at the point where I’m scared of shabbat because I know that I will be surrounded by people who don’t respect it.

I’m counting the days until i can move out, i want to become properly orthodox when I go to university. It’s a few years until then, but i need advice on how to survive until then.

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