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Shiva for living people?

Heyo. I’m a big lurker and fan of this sub, and some time ago I came across a comment saying that shivas (?) for living people, mourning their intermarriage, are no longer acceptable. I unfortunately can’t find the comment, but it had me thinking for a while. Would anyone here happen to know if this is true, and if so, why this came to be? Furthermore, were there any discussions or rereadings that led to this change, if it happened?

I ask because I have the fortune of being Jewish (ish) but through the wrong half. In Hebrew school at my reform synagogue I remember my teacher telling a story about this, around 2010-11. I’m curious if this happened in my family, too. I’m also unaware of any ritual/process that treats living people similarly, so it’d be interesting to hear more about this.

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