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Shehakol Question

The other day, I said a shehakol on my coffee but got tripped up when I decided to “refill” my mug with some espresso instead of the original coffee I’d brewed. There was still some coffee left in the mug when I added the espresso and I did intend for the espresso to be a continuation of my original drink. Should I have said a new shehakol on the espresso (whether before or after I added it to the coffee) or was I correct to omit another bracha as I’d already made one on the original beverage (which, in my mind, I was continuing to drink)?

Don’t judge me for combining coffee and espresso, lol. There was just a bit left in the cup and I felt like switching. Feels like a lighting round question for a bracha bee or something. I do plan on asking a rabbi but I figured I’d ask ya’ll first. Thanks in advance!

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