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Shalom, Reddit Friends!!!

My name is Miriam Anzovin, and I’m a writer, artist, content creator, and massive Jewish nerd, exploring the juxtaposition of pop culture, nerd culture, and Jewish culture. Some of my short-form video series include #DafReactions, #ParshaReactions, #JewishHolidayReactions, #AVeryJewishMakeupTutorial, the “Elder Millennials of Zion” skits, and more content on Jewish themes and ideas.

In the #DafReactions series, I share my practice of daily study of the Babylonian Talmud in the Daf Yomi cycle from the viewpoint of a formerly Orthodox, now secular, Millennial woman. The videos are authentic, with commentary both heartfelt and comedic, putting ancient discourse in direct communication with modern internet culture, pop culture, and current events.

My role in this project is not as a teacher, nor as a rabbi, but rather as a fellow learner, a fellow traveler, on the path of Jewish text discovery. Through the work, I invite others to walk beside me on this journey and connect with Jewish teachings in ways that are relatable and personally meaningful to them.

Previously, I was the first Artist in Residence at Moishe House, and before that I was the host of The Vibe of the Tribe podcast.

I exist at the intersection of Sefaria and Sephora. And, also in some people’s minds, where I live rent free 🙂

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