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Shaimos/geniza clarification

I’m learning about geniza and am very confused.

If the prohibition is to not throw away anything with G-D’s name in it, does mean that:

1) one cannot throw out anything that has any of G-D’s name in it? For example, a wrapper from Trader Joe’s (contains G-D’s name in it) or a piece of paper that has the name Eli (contains G-D’s name in it) on it, or an advertisement that contains the word Shalom on it (another of G-D’s name)?

2) if you can throw away all of the above examples, where do you draw the line on what of G-D’a name you can and cannot throw away?

3) does the language the name of G-D is in matter? For example, if you can throw away something with Shalom on it in English, can you not if it’s in Hebrew?

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