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Shabbat for Kids?

I am Jewish, but was not raised Jewish. My husband was raised Jewish, but didn’t do Shabbat dinners on Friday nights. We have started the tradition of having Shabbat dinners on Friday nights with our two kids (ages 2.5 and 3 weeks) and my MiL. We do the “traditional” stuff—light the candles, say the prayers, eat a little challah, drink a glass of wine. I also try to ask my son one fun thing he did the past week, to mixed success 😛

I’d really like to engage my son (and his sister, as she gets older) by starting some traditions for Friday night dinners. Any kid-friendly suggestions? He is particularly fond of songs, so any suggestions there would be very welcome! He gets so excited about the candles and seeing his grandma that I know anything we add will make the practice all the more meaningful to him.

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