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Shabbat dinner in a small house/apartment

So, I’ve been a guest in the homes of many friends for Erev Shabbat dinners, but I’ve felt bad about not hosting a Shabbat dinner of my own, because my place is small.

I’ve recently decided to see what I could do about re-arranging furniture in my living room to make space for an 8-foot long by 30-inch wide folding table (which, in my optimism, I’ve already ordered from Amazon). It looks like I can do it, and now I’m pleased to be able to create a temporary dining room whenever I need one, where I didn’t have a dining room before.

There are, of course, other logistical things to consider about having a big crowd in a small home. Does anyone here have any suggestions to offer on how to make this work with a minimum of fuss/difficulty?


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