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Several questions, trying to understand beliefs better as someone who doesn’t practice or know much about Judaism but wants to learn

I am trying to learn more about other religions to understand them and the people who practice them better and be more knowledgeable. Of course, there is google, but as with any religion, it is one thing to know what in general people believe and it is completely different how each believer and their community, in general, see and interpret the same teachings, that is why I want to hear what people here on Reddit have to say.

I would like to know for people who practice Judaism and believe in Tanakh only:

1) If you had to give a description of God, what would it be?

2) What does your relationship with God look like?

3) What does God expect of you in terms of how you live your life and what do you expect of God in return?

2) What do you believe is going to happen after we die?

3) Do you believe in Heaven and Hell? Is there any afterlife at all or do you believe that once we die, that is the end?

4) Do you believe that the serpent in the Garden of Eden was the Devil/Satan? And generally, do you believe that Satan/Devil exists, and if yes, what is his purpose and what is he like?

I hope none of these questions sound ignorant. I was raised as a Christian but I experience a lot of anxiety and internal discomfort with a lot of Christian teachings and want to learn more about what the beliefs were before Christianity. Thank you so much to anyone who wants to respond!

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