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seriously thinking about converting to judaism

hello, this is my first post here and i just wanted to say that i’m a 15 yr old hispanic girl that comes from a catholic family, and ever since i was little, i was so intrigued by hasidic jews, i felt this strange pull to them, i wanted to be like them. i’ve been doing some research on the hasidic lifestyle, trying to learn hebrew, all the basic beliefs/rules of judaism. i’m really serious about it but, i know it would be hard to convert at 15, it would also be hard to talk to my parents about it, they’d probably think i’m out of my damn mind but, i don’t care. i feel like i was meant to convert to judaism, no other religion sticks out to me, more than judaism. even tried going kosher for a while but, it was hard to do so since, my mom is always the one making the meals, etc. if anyone is kind enough to give me some advice, i’d gladly appreciate it!

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