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[Serious] An unknown animal, potentially a human, is behind a curtain


I am keenly interested in this sub’s answer to the following hypothetical that I created. I am posting this identical hypothetical to r/Judaism, r/Christianity, and r/Islam.

I understand that beliefs vary, and there is no single interpretation of any religious text. However, I am deeply interested in how different religious communities would answer.

Thank you for your time and thoughtful responses.


An unknown animal, potentially a human, is behind a curtain.


Without using the word ‘species’ or any named ‘species’ (human, dog, pig, etc.), what information would you need about (a) the individual and (b) factors external to the individual to make an informed decision about the ethics of breeding, killing, and consuming the individual?


The purpose is to challenge you to clearly state your criteria for making ethical decisions. By avoiding the use of species labels, you are encouraged to think more deeply about what truly matters in ethical considerations, beyond species-based assumptions.

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