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Sephardi Jews, what foods did you grow up eating at home?

Hello everyone 😊

As the title says, I was wondering what kind of foods other Sephardis grew up with. I am Sephardi with my family coming from Istanbul and Izmir and grew up eating traditional Turkish sefaradi dishes such as:

• Boyoz (“borek” like pastry with a chewy and crispy dough filled with eggplant, spinach or potato)

• Yaprakes (grape leaves)

• Borekas (another kind of “borek” with a different dough filled with potato and cheese)

• Mina de berenjena o espinaca (a kind of dough-less aubergine or spinach pie)

• Baklava

• Buñuelos (fried dough pastry)

• Bizcochos (hard cookies like biscotti with anise or orange blossom)

I’m very curious to find out if anyone else grew up with these foods or to find out about other Sephardi dishes 🙂

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