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Send videos of antisemitism to your local news.

I keep seeing so much video evidence in Jewish circles of rampant, violent antisemitism occurring on college campuses and in the name of Gazans and Palestinians. The news reports on big stories weeks or even months later, as we saw with the Columbia student organizer threatening classmates. That video went around in January, but didn’t break the national news until months of this person being allowed to run the narrative.

We are being too insular in our suffering. It is really painful to try to convince people to try to understand the Jewish experience, but we have to try if we want our voices to be heard. PLEASE start sending evidence of antisemitism to trusted local news sources as you see it.

This can be as easy as sending an unsolicited DM to a reporter who looks particularly dogged and on the level. People don’t want to hear that their options are “crazy purity testers who kinda seem to hate Jews” and the GOP, I promise we are not that far gone yet. We still have a chance to claim a space for our narrative.

I recommend starting with local news. This might seem silly, but they often break big stories that then get picked up by national news. Do your research and make sure the news source won’t spin your story to fit their narrative. I’ve already gotten started. Let’s do this. Am yisrael chai yall 🪬💙

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