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Seeking resources that further explain the Jewish interpretation of the sins of Sodom

Hi all,

I’m in the midst of my conversion studying and have developed some questions regarding the sins of Sodom and what actually caused G-d’s anger. Telushkin’s Jewish Literacy uses the homosexual and immoral sex interpretation, which my Christian background also uses, but Chabad, My Jewish Learning, and a rabbi I follow on twitter have the interpretation it was rampant selfishness and lack of care for others/the most vulnerable.

Does anyone have any resources that explain this further, or even any specific areas of the Talmud that might give more insight? It’s mainly curiosity but I’d love further interpretations or explanations for the selfishness view, as I find that the most compelling (meaning that only caring about yourself and disregarding others’ needs is actually what made G-d so angry).

Because of covid I haven’t been matched with a sponsoring rabbi at shul yet, but hopefully will be in the fall. I’ll definitely be bringing this question to them as well (in addition to many others!), but I’m trying to learn as much as I can.

Thank you!

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