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Seeking Guidance on a Spiritual Journey: From Christianity to Judaism.

Dear members of the community,I am a 26-year-old Christian woman struggling with a profound existential crisis and unanswered questions. Despite seeking guidance from my church, my doubts persisted and even multiplied. Here I’d like to mention that even though I was baptized as a Christian, I never understood or embraced the concept of Trinity. To me God is one with infinite power.

As for the divinity of Jesus, I always viewed him as a messenger of God or a Godsend enlightened human. My prayers have always been directed to a higher power than Jesus himself. Recently, my spiritual journey led me to the Torah, which I found can stand alone, unlike the New Testament. I began following Rabbis, such as Rabbi Twerski, Rabbi Tovia Singer, and reading the English translation of the Jewish Bible. Furthermore I read some beautiful stories from the Talmud which I find profound. Also praying the Psalms (Tehillim) in Hebrew brought me a sense of peace and protection I had never felt before.

I have always accepted the Father God (Hashem), as my God and have never felt drawn towards practices like kissing icons or venerating saints. I came across the idea that people like me might be reincarnated Jewish souls, which deeply resonated with me.How should I proceed from here? How can I learn more about Hashem? I live in Greece, and there is only one synagogue in my city. Would a Rabbi accept a non-Jewish person who wishes to learn more about Judaism? Although my family does not support this pursuit, I feel compelled to learn about Judaism from a respected and authentic source. Love and respect to all, and may Hashem bless you!

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