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Seeking Advice: Dating a Jewish Moroccan as a 27yo Male with Arabic heritage.

Hello r/Judaism community,

I hope you’re all doing well! Today, I find myself seeking some advice on a personal matter. I’m a 27-year-old male with an arab/amazigh heritage; my father’s side is Arab, and my mother’s side is from the Rif mountains. Although my family practices Islam, I personally don’t follow any religious beliefs.

Recently, l’ve been captivated by a Jewish Moroccan girl who has caught my eye. She is truly enchanting 🫀

However, I have some reservations about approaching her, given the potential cultural and religious differences between us.

Do Jews in Morocco date Moroccans with Arabic backgrounds?

I haven’t directly asked her out yet because don’t want to look uncultured. Before taking any steps, I wish to gather insights, advice, or hear from those who may have had similar experiences.

If any of you have valuable input or personal experiences to share, I would be immensely grateful. Your support and guidance mean a lot to me as I navigate this unfamiliar situation.

Thank you in advance!

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