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Seeking a specific clip of the Lubavitcher Rebbe that I can no longer find

Hi! Hope this is allowed here, I did read the rules.

Years ago I came across a clip on YouTube of the Lubavitcher Rebbe yelling at chasidim, I believe they were yeshiva students, who were dancing and singing the Didan Natzach song in the street outside 770.

If I recall correctly, the clip shows him exiting his car after arriving at 770, where he was greeted by dozens of chasidim singing the song. He began yelling something along the lines of: “instead of sitting and learning, you are out here like a bunch of clowns dancing in the street yelling “we won”, now tell me what exactly did you win?! Instead of doing anything productive, you’re standing here (arum uhn arum)… etc.”

The video was recorded candidly from what I believe was a rooftop. The audio cuts out a bit during the middle. At one point he turned to gesture at the crowd standing around him, and they were so petrified the literally ran to escape his gaze, parting like the yam suf. It was a spectacular clip.

I have tried searching online for it, and cannot find it. I know for a fact that I saw in on YouTube, and since it does not turn up in a search of my YouTube history I can surmise that it has been deleted by the channel that uploaded it.

Does anyone know how I may find the clip?

Thank you

P.S. for those interested in Chabad or Jewish history:

The book that best puts the reader in the Rebe’s mind, making the reader happy when the Rebbe was happy & frustrated when the Rebbe was frustrated, is Turning Judaism Outward by Rabbi Chaim Miller. He does a great job detailing the incredible pain & sacrifice the Rebbe went through while dealing with the “Didan Natzach” issue and other family matters, putting his Chasidim and the needs of the Jewish people before his own personal desire for family stability. I would like to see the clip in question again now that I’ve read this book and would understand a lot more of the context & emotions behind it.

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