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Secular Jews, what did you get out of becoming involved with your local Jewish community?

I have strong Jewish ethnicity (and most of my family all practice) but was raised pretty much completely secular, I didn’t even have a bar mitzvah. I was always interested in the cultural and historic sides judiasm but have always been essentially an agnostic atheist.

Today I was wondering through my city and passed by the synagogue. There was a Jewish wedding going on so there were people outside, and someone saw me looking and came out (I think he was suspicious haha) anyway, I explained I have Jewish ethnicity and just thought I’d pass by there, and he asked where I was from etc, and if I wanted I could fill in a membership details form and pass the security check then I could visit.

I’m just looking to ask others like me who didn’t grow up around the community if they joined later and what they got out of it, especially if you’re not religious. I’m interested in getting more in touch with my Jewish identity but it’s kind of all new to me, and I have basically no existing ties to the community in this city.

I’m wondering if finding a Jewish youth org/group might be better, since I’m only 26. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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