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Secular Hanukkah ideas for a first-time mom

Hello! I hope this post is allowed here… I have a 9 month old daughter named Liora, and this year will be her first holiday season. I grew up in an atheist but culturally Jewish household where we also celebrated secular Christmas. As an adult I haven’t really celebrated any of the holidays, as I’ve not had anyone to celebrate with. I’d like to raise my daughter to be culturally Jewish as well, but I live now in a small midwestern town and only know of one other Jewish family but they all converted to Christianity, and I am not in contact with my Jewish mother.

I’m looking for ideas to celebrate Hanukkah this year but I am looking to keep the idea of G-d out of it, and to keep prayer out of it. I’d still like to say/sing something during the lighting of the candles though, does anyone have any good resources on something I can say/sing? I just feel very distant from my Jewishness in a lot of ways, and really don’t want to mess up passing it on to my daughter, and don’t want Hanukkah to be “outshined” by Christmas, which we’ll also be doing. We’re thinking of doing Hanukkah gifts too, maybe a book for each night (this will change with age but for now my girl LOVES books).

Sorry for rambling, I’m not sure really what I’m looking for here. Ideas maybe? Just some community? Thanks for your time, shabbat shalom!

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