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Second Generation Jews?

Hello! I’m a second generation Jew. My mother went through the orthodox conversion process before she married, we were raised conserva-dox, but after her mother’s passing my mom began to return to her Christian upbringing. My dad is about as Ashkenazi as they come. I am Jewish. Like the rabbinate’s standards but also was basically raised by USY, kept/keep kosher, am active in shul, my kids attend Jewish Day School etc. However, because my mom was raised Christian and my dad is not really in touch with his family, I have no deep rooted family traditions, there’s no recipes passed down, my kid don’t have a bubbe to learn about the past from. While this gives me a really great opportunity to truly make mitzvot my own and create new and beautiful memories for my family, I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out. So much of Judaism is rooted in family and tradition that sometimes it feels like I’m faking. Is there such a thing as Jewish Imposter Syndrome? I love my Judaism. It’s who I am, but sometimes when my Challah comes out real wonky, or I learn about a new tradition that seems to somehow negate everything I thought I new about a holiday, or those sorts of things I really do feel pretty lonely. Am I alone in this? Is there some famous midrash I can seek solace in? Does anyone want to be my Bubbe?

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