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School trip

For context, I am a young adult Jew (late teens sort of age) who was raised in a largely inobservant environment. In recent years, I have been connecting to my religion more. and I am going on a school trip. This trip is at a national park where me and a group of other students will stay in a cabin. This trip lasts for a week. When I signed up, I thought there would be a spare room or bathroom for me to daven in. However I recently learned that there is only a communal bathroom and other accommodations do not exist. I have been very unsure and nervous so I came here to ask: how do I daven on this trip? To my knowledge, none of my class is antisemitic so that is not an issue. I am unable to cancel this trip as me and my parents already spent almost $1000 in total to make sure that I and other students would be able to go. Skipping this trip is not an option or something I desire. I apologize for any mistakes or harsh language choices as I am writing this in a rush. I am quite nervous about this ordeal but I do have a week to plan. Any help? Thank you all so much.

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