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Scholarly opinion on the Tanakh

Salaam Aleikum, cousins. I’m a friendly muslim who are very interested in comparative religion. I have a question regarding the scholarly opinions on the Tanakh, or the “consensus” if there is any.

From my understanding the classical stance by observant Jews is that the Torah is the word of G-d, unaltered similar to the muslim stance that the Qur’an is the unaltered word of G-d. Correct me if I’m wrong on this.
But what about the rest of the Tanakh like Kings and Book of Samuel? Or are these man-made retellings? Can these books have human errors in them, unintentional or intentional, so to speak? Maybe similar to how muslims view Hadith (narrations from the Prophet Muhammads life, aleyhi salaam). These can be more or less authentically graded and depending on that one can derive rulings from them or just recommendations etc. and are prone to error because of the human factor, while Qur’an is the word of G-d unaltered and infallible.

I’d be interested to learn and discuss more.

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