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Saying "shabbat shalom"…

I’m just wondering what you say when people say “Shabbat shalom” / “Gut shabbos” to you in public. I live in a fairly Jewish area of Denver and the standard reply I get from the orthodox men in the grocery store is [sullen stare].

Maybe it’s just because I’m from the South and we’re friendly. Maybe it’s because I’m not wearing all black. Maybe I got too used to Chabadniks being the main orthodox/chasids that I see, but it really bothers me sometimes. For two years I’ve been living in the neighborhood and not one orthodox man has ever once replied with anything other than [sullen stare].

What gives? Am I violating some kind of non-chabad-ultra-orthodox minhag by saying “gut shabbos” or “Chag sameach”?

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