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So my grandparents raised me until I was almost 12 at which point they just got too old to take care of me and then I entered the foster care system.

Mind you, my grandparents (who are Jewish )- ((my biological mother isn’t) always kinda behaved as if I was a huge burden (they were old and obviously raising me should have been my biological parents responsibility )

So I’ve just gone through life never feeling like I belong anywhere, having zero sense of community & basically a huge complex that I’m generally unwelcome.

Lots of therapy – I finished college that I paid for by the way with zero social support from anyone and I’d consider myself an adult that’s mostly a contributing member of society.

So I’m old enough to consider marriage now and having kids- so have tried getting involved with the Jewish community and a lot the times I feel like I’m met with people that are not warm and friendly, women who are kinda rude, guys who the view it as a red flag that I have no idea where my biological parents are.

I haven’t had these issues when I take interests in literally any other community and I just feel hurt that what a year ago I considered my first chance at belonging is turning into disillusionment .

There’s a Hindu temple near me and I’m into spirituality so I’m thinking I’ll try there ?

Edit : I’ve been a to couple Chabad events – and actually found them overall to be warmer , my bad experience has been with the moische pods/ Jewish federation events

Edit #2: I’m asking my friends that have 2 Jewish parents and grew up in the community and they’re saying they’ve felt the communities are cliquey and unfriendly.

Maybe this isn’t a specific to me issue and something Jews should be reflecting on in general

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