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Saw a strange “interaction” between some Hasidic Jews

I was driving my van and stopped at a red light in the outskirts of NW London when I saw a middle aged Hasidic Jew waiting at the lights to cross the road.

3 Hasidic Jewish boys around the age of 12-14 walk up and wait next to him. They all begin to stare at him and he just looks straight ahead. They look at him kind of suspiciously. Like they’re sizing him up

It happened literally 2 metres away from me and I could hear/see them clearly.

The light went green for them at the same time it went green for me so I didn’t see what happened next but I found the blatant staring combined with the lack of verbal interaction to be really strange.

Was this just an odd occurrence rance or did it have something to do with their religion/culture?

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