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Safe travel destinations as an open Jew

Ashkenazi American here. I’ve always been told to hide my Jewish identity when traveling abroad. Avoid Jewish jewelry and avoid sharing stories with people you meet that identify yourself as Jewish. Just to avoid any antisemitism.

My partner (M25) and I (F25) are both Jewish and we went into our travel hiding our Jewish identity. One of our stops was the Island of Rhodes in Greece near Turkey, and we were delighted to find a safe space for Jews! Here’s what happened:

-signs and tours of the island offered in Hebrew

-shop owners who lived on the island for generations had handwritten letters and drawings on the walls of their shop that had Hebrew, and when we asked about it, they shared that they’ve made friends with traveling Jews

-Sephardic synagogue in the old town where Jews felt comfortable congregating outside and singing aloud in Hebrew

-a monument in a central part of the city, recognizing the thousand Rhodes Jews who perished in the Holocaust

-met many Israeli travelers who were well received by locals

Anyone else come across safe spaces for Jews along their world travels?

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