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Sabbatai Zevi’s behaviour

I am fascinated by the topic of Sabbatai Zevi. I have read Scholem’s biography already. I am looking for another book, or maybe an article, that will get into specifics, if there are any specifics available, about what Sabbatai actually did.

I mean specific acts, behaviors, what he actually did in the synagogue during ceremonies, readings, hymns, prayers. But also what he deviated from: what were synagogue ceremonies (in places like Smyrna, Leghorn, Salonika, Constantinople, etc.) in the 17th century actually like… and what did Sabbatai do differently?

It could be that the specifics of his behaviour and acts are just not that well attested, or that I need to take a second look at the Scholem.

But I have a feeling that because I am not Jewish, and not familiar with what goes on during synagogue services (let alone what it would have been like in the 17th century), there is a certain amount that I just cannot picture in my head. Or if Scholem alludes to something, I might not be able to conjure up a picture of what that may be.

So if you have any scholarship on the matter to recommend, about Sabbatai or even just 17th century Judaism, then I would appreciate any recommendations.

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