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Rosh Hashanah Gift Ideas 🎁

Hello All,

I’m looking for Rosh Hashanah gift ideas for a couple of my Jewish friends.

I co-operate a unique chocolate start-up business with my partner. The product has been doing well, much thanks to a couple of my Jewish friends/business acquaintances, who have helped distribute and network our product and company in the NY metropolitan area.

They’ve never asked for anything in return, even when they offer support that goes beyond our typical business transactions. They’re both well-connected, and have been more than willing to offer advice or point me to a key person (e.g., for Kosher cert) that keeps us exploring ideas and going in the right direction.

I want to show them I’m grateful by sending them a thoughtful gift, along with some of our chocolate, of course.

Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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