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Ritual and ethical mitzvot

I remember reading that when there is a conflict between an ethical and a ritual mitzvah, you are obliged to follow the ethical mitzvah. The example given was Abraham leaving his prayers to attend to the three angelic guests, ie mitzvah of hospitality outranks mitzvah of prayer.

What is a good source for delving further into this question? I am not Orthodox so I don’t know the ins and outs of all the ritual observances but am interested in hearing from Orthodox perspectives. When do you typically find yourself putting aside a ritual observance to fulfil an ethical obligation?

On a related note, do you think following ritual mitzvot makes it easier or harder to follow ethical mitzvot? Sometimes I see the two opposed to each other, eg there is a negative stereotype of Orthodox Jews that they are only interested in ritual and consider ethics secondary, while Reform Jews consider only the ethical commandments to be binding. I can see how it may require too much to follow both, so people will tend to focus on one or the other. But I can also see how being diligent about following ritual laws can lead to greater diligence about ethics and vice versa. What are your thoughts?

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