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RIETS is Producing Poor Quality Rabbis

It seems every day YU’s Rabbinical school RIETS is producing yet another untrained, unskilled, rabbi of poor character. I have had the displeasure of seeing some of the new generation of rabbis this school is producing and it disheartens me. They do not know the answers to basic halachic questions. Their speeches are flat, pointless, and just plain boring. When it comes to the members of their congregations the actual people involved from my experiences they don’t have their best interests at heart. Instead of helping out members of their community in their time of need I have seen these rabbis, if you could even call them that, time and time again take every opportunity to undermine, screw over, or take advantage of their congregants. I have even seen a recent RIETS graduate rabbi spread lashon harah about one of his congregants then have the audacity to ask him for a donation right afterwards. And I have seen not one of these young rabbis get their position on merit. One I know got his position because his father is a big shot at a certain synagogue. Another got his position simply because RIETS has monopolized new hirings for certain rabbinical positions, that particular position being one of them.

RIETS isn’t sending us their best. I’d prefer they shape up or send us nobody at all.

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