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Returning to Judaism in young adulthood & partner interest in conversion

Hi, I’m a 25 year old woman raised in reform Judaism. I was pretty active in our synagogue as a high school student and even at one point considered studying to become a Rabbi. When I was 18, I started college at a prestigious private university in the midwest known for having a strong Jewish presence on campus. I got a tattoo against my mom’s wishes, and had such guilt about it, it made it difficult to consider myself as a jew (strange, I know). I ended up going on Birthright the end of my freshman year and extended my stay after our trip concluded. I stayed to do a walking tour of Bauhaus Architecture in Tel Aviv and to visit the Tel Aviv Art Museum several times. It was the first time I’d ever traveled in a different country alone. As many may know, colleges in the US rarely give religious holidays off and with the intense coursework and need to attend lectures, I felt I couldn’t really be observant and keep up with courses. I felt really guilty and tried to get a little more involved at Hillel during my final year in school. Because of the pandemic, I opted to go right to grad school. I have one year left and given the state of the world, I am feeling a pull towards other jewish people and am realizing that Judaism is too significant of an element of my identity to forsake. That being said, I am surrounded by people who want to define antisemitism in their terms, actively express their belief in Zionism as an expression of settler-colonialism, and seem to view anyone disagreeing or feeling uncomfortable about it as disgusting hateful colonizers. It’s a difficult time to be a student on a college campus in the US right now.

My partner is not Jewish but also was not raised in any particular faith. His step grandfather was Jewish and before he passed, shared holidays with my partner and his family. I have always said that I want to raise our future children in Reform Judaism. Recently, he’s begun to consider converting, as we will be getting married in the next few years. Obviously, converting is a pretty big deal and I have told him that I would love it if he converted but that I don’t expect him to unless it is what he wants.

Does anyone have advice on coming back to judaism after a hiatus? Or any book recommendations on how to reconnect to Judaism? Does anyone have advice on where to start with conversion to reform judaism?

Thanks in advance!!

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