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Returned Jew with a question…

So I am Jewish. My parents however were very lax having been living in regional Australia with my father now a veteran. My Jewish family comes from France and the UK. So that’s some background on my “Jewishness”. I entered a pretty miserable relationship as a young adult and that entertained a fair bit of religious abuse in which I was unable to practice my faith and nor were my children allowed to partake in our culture (ex is christian). We have been free for years now and I have come to a place of stability in myself and returning to Judaism trying to be a good and moral Jewish man. What is the correct type of kippah to wear as a returned Jew for myself and my 14 year old son. We aren’t Orthodox obviously so a black velvet is not really appropriate and I have read that white is for Modern Orthodox? Is a coloured crotcheted considered acceptable? Please help a guy out, shalom.

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