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Retail employer refused job offer due to Shabbat observance, how do I proceed?

As I understand the nessecities and busy hours of retail establishments including Friday nights and Saturdays, considering it’s been my career in this field for over a decade, this is the first time I’ve encountered discrimination in this field to the point of refusal of a job offer.

I know for certain that it would not have been unreasonable hardship to accomodate my inability to work for this 24 hour period, as I applied for a multitude of open positions I am qualified for, at part time employment, some of which not requiring weekend work. I was selected for a phone interview which went well until my availability was discussed regarding my marking of Saturdays as unavailable. When I mentioned I am unable to work this day due to religious observance, the demeanour of the person I was talking to changed, conversation was ended abruptly by informing me I would be called back the next day. However, after 3 days without a call I received a rejection letter for all departments I applied to.

What can I do? I reside in the USA and according to Title VII this is outright discrimination and refusal to make any attempt at accommodation. I don’t want vengance, I just need a job, these times are tough enough as it is.

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